The tournament will take place on 20-21 of April 2019 worldwide, all registered countries are welcome to take part. Every country has 10 slots in total - five for speed female and five for speed male category. If your country has more than five people willing to take part in a single WPT category, you need to contact your representative to learn about the elimination round in your country.

Players who cannot physically join the event in the country that has a representative have the right to join the event from the location of their choice if a) their representative agrees to include them and b) they submit their scores to their representatives following the video and guidelines* for solo players.

Solo players that do not have a representative in their country would need to fill in the registration form for the tournament (published on 9th of April on the main page) no later than April 19th 23:00 (GMT+0) in order to take part in the tournament.

Players can represent a country if they hold one of the following:

  • A citizenship of the country

  • A permit to work in the country

  • A residency permit (passport or any other document that grants the residence)

Organizers have the right to demand such documents from the players. If such documents cannot be presented within 24 hours upon the request, the player will be disqualified.

Tourist visas do not give the right to represent the country.

People with dual citizenship are allowed to represent one country only. If you are playing outside of the country you represent, you have to inform your local representative about your participation one week prior to the event or earlier.

For example if you travel from France to play in Russia, you have to tell representative in France that you will be playing abroad so your elimination rounds can be sorted.

Machine versions: Pump It Up Prime 2 (latest update) and Pump It Up XX.


Only the following modifiers are allowed:

  • HJ (mandatory)

  • AV/Speed modes

  • BGA Dark

  • FD

  • Note skins

  • DR**

Bar is allowed.

**If two players are playing a single, DR should be turned on only with the mutual agreement of both players. If the agreement cannot be reached, the person who requested the DR has the right to play his song alone.


Speed Female

  • Single 19-20

  • Double 18-20

  • Single 21+

  • Double 21+

Speed Male

  • Single 21-22

  • Double 21-22

  • Single 23+

  • Double 23+

Songs can be played in any order. Players have one try only per each song (four charts played in total).

Charts will be announced on the main page on April 20th at 01:00 (GMT+0).


Player’s performance score for each song will be determined as his score divided by the best score among all players on that song, multiplied by 100.

Player’s performance score for the whole event will be determined using arithmetic average of all songs.

To learn more about WPT scoring please click here.

Modifying pads

The use of following substances is allowed on the pads unless it is restricted by the local arcade rules:

  • Baby powder

  • Wood polish

  • Glass cleaner

  • Wet tissues

  • Deodorant (yes, deodorant)


Representatives have to submit the WPT round scores by the end of April 22nd 2019 23:00 (GMT+0). Players must hold the videos of their performances. Organizers have the right to demand video from representatives as a proof. If such a video cannot be presented within 24 hours, the score will be disqualified.

*Solo players must submit the WPT round scores by the end of April 21nd 2019 11:00 (GMT+0) through the main page. Players also must upload their videos to YouTube (any channel of their choice) and submit the video links. A video of a solo player has to be shot in a single go with no cuts. The maximum length of a single video cannot exceed 20 minutes. The scores of the solo players without videos will not be accepted.

All videos have to be shot so the following is clearly seen:

  • Screen and the combo of the player

  • Player who is playing and his legs

  • Final score

Video example one and two.